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  • Post Body Waxing Product –PFB Vanish: This product contains glycolic and salicylic acid which helps exfoliate and deflect bacteria from being able to entering the skin. It also encompasses willows bark which is called “nature’s aspirin” because of it’s ability to reduce pain. Say goodbye to ugly skin! Use this puppy twice a week and you’ll thank us later.
  • Post Facial Waxing Product –Hylunia Colloidal Silver Mist: This toner has colloidal silver which fights against bacteria and helps heal acne, cuts or burns. It also has lavender which reduces inflammation and helps fight acne and other skin conditions. We love this product for our post facial waxing clients!

50% Off Waxing Service Discounts

“Refer-A-Friend” 50% Discount

Half-Off your next service! Refer as many friends as you like and get 50% off your next service for each of those friends. If multiple services are scheduled, the 50% discount will apply for the more expensive service.

Honest Online Feedback -50% Discount

Receive Half-Off your next service when you leave HK Wax Center – Austin Arbor honest online feedback!

  • Comment on www.hkwaxcenter.com or allow before and after pics/vids
  • Google; text, pics & VIDEO receives additional discount!
  • Yelp; text, pics & video
  • Facebook; text, pics & video
  • Instagram; text, pics & video
  • YouTube; video share or tagging (ask me how)
  • This also applies to any website online and there is no limit to how much feedback you leave. Remember, honest is the key! If multiple services are scheduled, the 50% discount will apply for the most expensive service.

    5% to 15% Off Waxing Service Discounts

    Service Bundle Discounts

    • 2 services; receive 5% off each service
    • 3 services, receive 10% off each service
    • 4 services or more, receive 15% off each service

    Customer Loyalty 10% Discount

    Schedule your next waxing service at the end of your appointment and receive 10% off your next service. (cannot be combined with other discounts)

    Student/Military 10% Discount

    All Students and Active Duty or Reserve Military will receive an automatic 10% off their services! Must show valid ID. (yes you can combine this discount with other discounts)

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