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Why Is My Wax Not Removing Hair?

One of the biggest questions Estheticians have is “Why Is My Wax Not Removing Hair?” Well, it could be a plethora of reasons. So, let’s break it down and find the reason or reasons! If you aren’t looking for pro-level advice and just need waxing in Austin click here. Quality of the Wax First of More»

How To Apply Hard Wax

We are constantly seeing video tutorials and reviews of people applying hard wax completely wrong. Talk about frustrating! If you apply a wax strip incorrectly, the hair will not come out. Applying a hard wax strip the right way is the most important factor for hair removal. So, after being tired of seeing so many More»

How To Use A Wax Warmer

One thing many people don’t understand is that if you don’t heat up the wax properly, it’s not going to perform like it’s supposed too. Our goal is to make the wax warm, without it being too hot or too cold. If wax is too hot, obviously you will burn someone. If it’s too cold, More»

Starpil Wax VS Berodin Wax

HK Wax Center has recently decided to switch from using Berodin hard wax to Starpil hard wax. Why, you might ask? I will explain in detail the differences between the two waxes and what made us switch over to what we believe is the best hard wax on the market! Why Did We Initially Choose More»