"You'll walk away feeling
purrrfectly smooth..."

The Hiss’n Kitten Waxing Center

    Welcome to The Hiss’n Kitten Waxing Center. We specialize in brazilian waxing, body waxing and skin care. We use a stripless, low temperature, hard, European wax. This ensures that your experience will be as quick and painless as possible. Hard wax is much safer and only adheres to the hair, NOT the skin.

    We use the highest quality hard wax available because we are passionate about our customers and want the best for their skin. The difference between a waxing appointment with someone who uses a more expensive, high-quality wax compared to the cheap stuff you can buy from your local store is absolutely shocking! So take it from us, leave waxing to the professionals.

    Our Estheticians truly care about each and every one of our clients and love making women look and feel as beautiful as possible! While understanding that waxing can be a personal and private engagement, know that you are in the best hands. We will get the job done quick and painlessly. With us, your hair removal appointment doesn’t just stop when you walk out the door. We take pride in educating you on post waxing skin care to make your experience the best it can be. You will walk away feeling purrrfectly smooth…

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